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Preferred Products and Suppliers

Wood Slabs

Take a look below to see what products I use and who I go to for supplies. I'm not sponsored by any of these companies, nor do I receive anything in exchange for the following listings. I simply think you should know where I go when I need supplies and who I believe makes quality woodworking products and materials. Though I haven't tried every product on the market or visited every woodworking supplier, I believe in and am happy to share quality sources when I find and use them. As I continue to develop my craft for years to come, I'm sure this list will expand as there are many amazing people and companies out there. I just haven't tried them all... yet :)

Wood Slabs

Catharpin, VA

An operation that cares about the environment. They can provide slabs and lumber of any size. They can also mill any size which makes them very helpful.

Quarryville, PA

Family-owned business that has incredible slabs for live edge tables. They know their stuff and have great material.

Lititz, PA

A small but quality operation that cares about their products. They specialize in live edge slabs and have a great variety.

McLean, VA

Ed is a great guy and knows his stuff. He has a wide range of small, medium, large, and extra-large slabs, that are pre-kiln, for any project. He mills on the spot and has great prices.

Rockville, MD

This is a one-man shop with a large collection of high-quality slabs. The owner, Dick Ratcliff, is great guy who takes pride in his work and selection of material.

Chantilly, VA

This is a small shop with tons of wood options. They are great for lumber but also for anything you want to turn on a lathe.

Pleasant Mills, PA

This is a one stop shop for slabs and lumber. I'm also a huge fan of their website and the selection they maintain there.

Portland, OR

If you're looking for massive slabs, I've never seen bigger. They have a massive selection and can ship almost anywhere.

Milford Mill, MD

A great shop that not only has an amazing selection of massive slabs but they also have equipment you can rent for your larger projects. Their website is very informational and user-friendly.

Table Legs and Bases

Online Only

Quality steel legs in many modern and practical shapes. Their site also has some great information that helps customers know what legs are best for their project.

Salineville, OH

A massive selection of beautiful legs and bases for any kind of table. They are mostly steel and you never have to worry about the quality. 

Online Only

Pros and cons here. You can find amazing, one of a kind bases and legs but you don't always know the person behind the storefront. Don't get me wrong, lets of good stuff here but do your research before buying.

Wauconda, IL

A small shop that delivers amazing products. They have great prices and lots of options to fit any kind of table or design.

Gardena, CA

Bases and legs that can handle small to massive tables. They have good prices and a large selection. Their designs also cover the entire spectrum.


Online Only

This is my absolute favorite finish for any kind of table, and most wood projects, even when resin is involved. I know there are a lot of options out there (just Google wood finishes, you'll see) but this is my go-to and the best finish on the market.

Online Only

This is a product I use on top of Odie's Oil or General Finishes Arm-R-
Seal. It's meant to go over any finish and creates a diamond-hard barrier. It protects against scratches, UV rays, moisture, and heat. It's an amazing product that keeps your pieces protected at all times and during all occasions. 

Online Only

This is a great product for anything I turn on a lathe. It's also good for any small project. It creates a beautiful finish and is simple to apply. For an oil finish, this is my choice. 

Epoxy Resin and Supplies

Online Only

This company makes some of my favorite epoxy resin. I also find their prices very reasonable. Shipping is fast and their site is super user friendly.

Cracow, Poland

This Etsy store makes massive molds that are for serious projects. Though many of their items only ship to Europe, they do sell to the U.S. and what they make is quality.

Rosenberg, TX

This Etsy store makes great molds that are meant to be used over and over. I find their molds to be sturdy, easy to use, and made with quality material. 

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