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Builds and Projects
I'm always adding more to this page, so check back regularly

I invite you to scroll through some of my previous work. As much as I build, I don't post pictures of everything (I'd rather spend time building than taking pictures). I'm happy to share additional information about anything you see below. You can use these images to get your creative juices flowing or to provide clarity on a concept you already have. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

The more recent builds are always added at the top of the gallery.

Checkered Cutting Board.png

Completed: 10/20/23

Cutting Board with Checkered Pattern

This cutting board was a gift I made for my mother. She mentioned how much she liked the purple wood (which is called purple heart) so I decided to use some walnut, maple, cherry, and purple heart to make this piece. I used my normal five coats of tung oil to give it a simple shine while remaining 100% food safe.

Completed: 09/12/23

Long Grain Cutting Board

A good friend of mine loves the color orange, so I made her this cutting board for her birthday. My wife, who is me unofficial work colleague when it comes to colors :), helped design this piece. It has my favorite finish for cutting boards which is pure tung oil.

Long Grain Cutting Board.png
custom cutting board

Completed: 05/06/23

Cutting Board with Double Inlay

This cutting board was a gift I made for my wife. We have two rough collies (Lassie dogs) and I thought it would be a nice way to make a practical, personalized, and beautiful gift. My wife picked out the wood and the simple design and powerful contrast turned out beautifully. I used five coats of tung oil to give it a eye-catching shine while remaining 100% food safe.

Completed: 04/09/23

Live Edge Coffee Table

Here is the completed tabletop from what you see below. It's a cherry slab and I used bowties and clear epoxy resin to fill the gap. The legs are steel with a black coating. The final dimensions are 55"x17"x17" (the width is the average width). I finished the piece with Odie's oil, my favorite finish for tables.

Live edge coffee table
Live edge table top flattening jig

Completed: 03/29/23

Live Edge Coffee Tabletop 

This is the jig I use to flatten slabs. It's made of linear rails and a holder for my router. I use a surfacing bit to plane the slab to the exact thickness I'm looking for. This jig can handle any table of any size. After the wood has been planed, it will be completely flat on both sides. This process takes a long time but delivers amazing results. You can see the finished tabletop above.

Completed: 02/26/23

Reclaimed Wood Tabletop

This tabletop is made from reclaimed wood and goes flush against a wall, as you'll see the border is only on three sides. It's about 8' long and 16" wide. This was needed to be a long but narrower piece to fit the space it had to go in. It was a straightforward build with boards being glued together and then finished to bring out the rich, dark color of the wood. Some supports were added underneath which allowed this piece to support approximately 350 lbs. 

Reclaimed wood tabletop
Wall mounted calendar frame

Completed: 11/15/22

Wall Mounted Calendar Frame

This was a fun build. My wife wanted a background for our calendar that we have on the wall. The calendar looked so plain against the white wall so she asked me to make a background for it. This piece has a custom built frame and a pattern of various wood veneers. I then covered it in clear epoxy resin. This piece works to frame our wall calendar but also looks great on its own. 

Completed: 10/18/22

Cedar Vase

This is a vase that stands about 14" tall. I turned this on the lathe for a friend. She cut down a cedar tree in her yard so I asked if I could make her something from the logs. This piece turned out beautifully as the vibrant reds and whites mix together so naturally. The vase is about 11" deep with the cavity being 4" in diameter.

Cedar vase
Tri-wood bowl

Completed: 06/25/22

Tri-Wood Bowl

This is a bowl I turned on a lathe that incorporates three different pieces of wood. This started as a block, with the three pieces glued together, and then became what you see here. The figure and grain of the wood is what makes this piece shine. I used a basic oil finish to enhance texture.

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