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Commonly Asked Questions

I'm dedicated to the complete satisfaction of my customers. Check out some of the frequently asked questions below, and feel free to get in touch with me if you need additional information.

Live edge coffee table

How do I place an order? And then what happens?

Send me an email at to start the conversation or schedule a consultation. I make custom pieces for you and you are part of the design process. Whether you know exactly what you're looking for, or you have a long list of questions, we work together to make sure the piece you want is the piece you get.

After you contact me, I respond quickly to set up a free consultation. This can take place via phone or Zoom. I use consultations to learn about my potential clients and what they are looking for in a custom piece. I answer questions, share ideas, and listen to learn what you want. My goal is to catch your vision and understand exactly what you're looking for.

At the completion of the consultation, I get to work. I compile my notes and create the following documents for the client to review: 

Draft Budget Proposal - Calculates the maximum budget for a project. Allows the client to see the range of costs that go into the categories of their build. A clear and transparent breakdown to educate the client while helping to shape their project. 

Communications Plan - Allows the client to decide how often and in what manner they receive updates. The client views the steps of their build and decides when and if they want to see pictures and videos or emails and texts. This is 100% up to the client.

Materials List - An itemized list of all materials and supplies required for the build. The client will see amounts and quantities while I break down the major and minor elements of their piece.

Project Timeline - A visual timeline that shows what parts of the build will happen when. While the overall timeline of any custom build is the most likely element to change, this document allows the client to have a clear understanding of what they can expect and when they can expect it.

All of the above is of no cost to the client. At this point in the process, the client is still under no obligation to hire me for their project. I do all of this work for each client and project because I know that information brings piece of mind. I also want my clients to be educated and part of the build. If you're my client, you're part of my team. The more I can share and address on the front end allows for more confidence, anticipation, and excitment on the back end. 

custom cutting board

What does a piece cost?

The price for a custom piece has many factors: size, wood type, finish, legs, resin, color, and shipping are some of the factors that go into the price. Tables can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Bowls, cutting boards, and other smaller items cost less but have just as many factors to consider. 

It's important to me that we work within your budget. Purchasing a custom piece means you should be comfortable with what you're buying, not worrying if it's too much. I'm more than happy to have a conversation about what options work within your budget. I will be honest and transparent about what can be done to meet your goals, while being clear what realistic expectations should be. We can work together to design the right creation that fits your finances. All payments are processed via PayPal.  

Here are my general prices for live edge tables (remember, many factors go into the final price as listed above). There are exceptions to the below prices, but these represent most pieces:


Less than 4 Foot Table = $300 - $2,500

4 Foot Table = $500 - $4,000

6 Foot Table = $1,500 - $6,000

8 Foot Table = $2,000 - $7,000

10 Foot Table = $3,000 - $15,000

More than 10 Foot Table = Conversation is Required to Determine Price

Other pieces I make vary in cost as well. The most common determining factors are type of wood, overall size, and if epoxy resin is used. Here are the typical price ranges for other types of projects that are not tables, and yes, there are exceptions. The items below are the most common projects I'm asked to make. There are many other types of woodworking pieces that I'd be happy to make and customize for you, but to keep you from having to read an endless list, I have included the most common pieces.

Cutting Board = $50 - $400

Charcuterie Board = $50 - $400

Serving Platter = $75 - $800

Serving Bowl or Dish = $75 - $800

Vase = $50 - $400

Bowl = $50 - $400

Any piece, table or otherwise, can be personalized with laser engraving or inlay work. These personal touches are an additional cost and depend on the complexity and nature of the personalization.

I value transparency which protects me and the client. The cost of labor depends on the project and is openly discussed during consultations. As much as I wish I could make pieces for clients at only the cost of supplies and materials, I want to keep my shop open and growing for many years to come. The size, weight, complexity, and desired completion date factor into the labor amount.  I charge a labor amount within the range of $25 - $250 per week per project. I will always be clear about this amount with clients, to include a thorough explanation and justification, and starting the build never takes place until this is understood agreed upon. Transparent costs give my clients comfort and confidence with their project. 

Wood projects

Do you really do all the work yourself?

Yes. I handle your piece from beginning to end, no exceptions. Your build will receive my full attention from the first communication, through the design and construction, and all the way to delivery. Your custom piece is my priority.


And if you ever want a good laugh, watch me move around a 10' live edge table on my own. My wife isn't happy I do that but she loves me anyway.

Exotic and unique wood

When do I pay for my piece?

When the client and I agree to and sign the Final Budget, 75% of the total cost is due to begin the project.


This process not only allows me to go out and acquire the perfect hand-picked wood and materials for your piece, but it also protects me as a small one-man shop, ensuring a client won't back out, leaving me with a piece that was selected, designed, and built to their unique specifications and needs. The cost of major materials (wood, epoxy resin, legs/base, etc.) is always documented and shared with the client.


The remaining 25% of the total cost will be due before the piece is shipped or delivered

For smaller pieces such as bowls, vases, platters, and other non-table builds, a higher percentage, up to 100%, will be needed to start the project. For these pieces, the consultation will work as an avenue to find the appropriate pricing model. 

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