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Shop Policies

To provide a transparent and enjoyable experience, I believe all store policies need to be clear and fair. Take a look below to learn more about mine, and reach out with questions.

Shipping Policy

What You Need to Know

All shipping discussions will take place and be decided before a purchase is made. Size, weight, and distance are factors that will need to be discussed during the initial design phase. Local purchases will be delivered, by me, while other purchase may require ground/air shipping. We will work together to agree upon the best solution. The shipping method will be documented and shared between both parties before a purchase is made.

Returns and Refunds

What You Need to Know

Full payment is required before your piece is shipped This ensures a buyer doesn't back out part way through a build, leaving me with a product that was designed specifically for them. Full or partial refunds and returns will be given for structural issues only, and as circumstances support. Any damages that happen during shipping need to be dealt with between the client and shipping company. Unfortunately, I don't own a shipping company and can't control that aspect of the ground/air delivery. Pictures of your piece will be taken before shipping to provide proof of completion and quality. As the client and I work together throughout the design and build process, any visual issues will not justify a refund or return.   

Client Updates

You and I are a Team

You are part of the creation of your piece. I will keep up to date on the progress of your build so that you experience the creativity and excitement that comes with a custom-built piece. You can receive pictures, videos, texts, calls, or emails documenting the process. We will work together to create a communication plan that fits your needs. 

Privacy Policy

Personal Information and Data

Your information is never sold or shared, period.

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